Locking Pull-out Cradles

Locking pull-out cradles available for use with the 2 and 4 litre water heaters and food warmer

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Locking pull-out cradles are useful for when space is tight or the heater is to be stowed in a vehicle locker. The water heater can be pulled out and locked in an extended position while drinks are served and the heater refilled. When finished with it can be retracted and locked back into position.


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Cradle inc 2 litre water heater

Height 326mm
Width 187mm
Depth (retracted) 342mm
Depth (extended) 648mm
Weight empty 6.7kg
Weight full 8.7kg

Cradle inc 4 litre water heater

Height 335mm
Width 228mm
Depth (retracted) 342mm
Depth (extended) 648mm
Weight empty 9.0kg
Weight full 13.0kg