Once installed our water heaters are incredibly easy to use. Simply unscrew the lid in the top to fill with water, press the button and wait for the LED display to let you know it’s ready (which is just below boiling at 93/94 degrees C). Then flip down the handle on the tap and voila.

Not sure which water heater you need?

Our Range

The 2 & 4 litre heaters can be fitted either forward or sideward facing, there is also a pull out cradle accessory which is useful when space is tight.

The 2 litre, 4 litre and combined hot drinks & food warmer have an optional extra of a carry handle kit. This means you can take them with you once heated, perfect for those remote, inaccessible places where even your vehicle can’t get to.


Locking Pull-out Cradles


Locking pull-out cradles available for use with the 2 and 4 litre water heaters and food warmer

Carry Handle Kits


Carry handle kits available for use with the 2 and 4 litre water heaters and food warmer

Wiring Kit


Pre-terminated wiring lengths for water heater installation.

Our Water Heater Features


Frost Protection

Not many travel kettles will work in extreme cold, but choosing this feature ensures your water won’t freeze. This is an essential feature for vehicles working in cold environments, such as mountain rescue.


Voltage Sensing

Some vehicles are fitted with a battery guard which stops devices from using the battery once it gets below a certain voltage. If your vehicle doesn’t have this, our Voltage Sensing provides the same function.


Alternator Sensing

Recommended if you’re connecting the water heater to the vehicles main battery. When the engine is off, the water heater is off. Start your engine, the water heater comes back to life and continues to heat your water.  No need to worry about your battery going flat while you’re having a cuppa.


Press to heat

This function means the boiler turns off after the first use. It makes the boiler similar to a kettle, you just turn it on when you want a hot drink. This feature is often used by those who only have a hot drink in the morning and then not again until the afternoon.


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