Frequently Asked Questions

Water heater installation, fitting and safety.

All your kettle questions answered.

Can I connect the water heater to the vehicle’s 12v auxiliary power output (lighter socket)?
Is the water heater easy to fit?
Is the water heater safe to use in my vehicle?
Where can I fit the water heater in my vehicle (location)?
Distance from battery? Wiring lengths?
Do I need to be an electrician to fit the water heater?
Alternator loadings?
Will it interfere with my vehicle’s existing equipment?
Do I need to service my water heater?
I don’t know if I need to activate ‘Voltage Sensing- VS’ or ‘Alternator Sensing- AS’?
What warranty do I have?
Can I turn on extra features when I’ve received my water heater?
How hot will the water get?
Can I fit the water heater externally on my vehicle?
Can I leave the water in my water heater?
Is there a risk from aquatic bacteria?