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To help you select the correct Transvend water heater for your requirements we've created this configurator. It'll guide you through all of the different choices available to create a 'specification code'. Transvend use this specification code as a reference, enabling us to provide you with a quote for your water heater.

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What voltage, current & power would you like your water heater to operate on?


Which capacity water heater would best suit your requirements?

Please be aware of the size of each water heater and the fitting space available.


2 – 6 persons • Full Details

4 – 8 persons • Full Details

6 – 10 persons • Full Details


These options allow the customer to specify whether they want 4 different feature modes activated.

*If all feature modes are disabled then the water heater will heat to 93°C, then keep the water at that temperature.

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Please select which colour you'd like?

Tap cover

Please select whether you'd like a tap cover fitted to your water. The tap cover provides protection for the tap from impact, contamination and accidental activation.

Tap Cover

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